Welcome to Blue Moon Designs, creators of fun and functional beaded dog collars. As large dog owners ourselves, we felt our dogs should have an attractive collar, but we also wanted something strong enough to actually be useful and so the Blue Moon Beaded Design was born......

Blue Moon collars have been tested and worn with pride by large breeds such as Great Dane, Mastiff and smaller dogs such as Whippets or terriers. Each collar is handcrafted to hold up to actual use for walking your dog, however, it is not recommended as a training collar. We enjoy making each collar unique so your dog has something special and individualized.

Construction of our collars is done with very strong cord and heavy duty rings. We primarily use acrylic beads combined with metallic beads. When "gold" or "silver" is used, it is an expression of color rather than a reference to the precious metal. We seek to make an attractive and durable collar which you can afford, rather than making something much more costly. Many of our buyers have several collars so they can change with their mood, outfit or occasion!

Collars are constantly being made and will be added each month as stock goes up and down. Custom orders may be placed but will have an additional fee charged for special orders. Prices depend on size, width (2.3 or 4 strand) and the materials used. To allow me to make each collar unique, I am constantly looking for new beads and sometimes will have some which I cannot replace and no other collars will be available with that type.

To order a Blue Moon collar, please send an email to bluemoon90 and let me know which collar which you are going to purchase. At that point I will hold that collar for one week so that you may mail a check to cover the purchase. For orders of 2 or more collars, we will hold the collars until the check or money order clears. Shipping is an additional $5.